Connected safety

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  • Proprietary sensor with sensing elements made using Graphene

  • State of the art sensor attaches to mask using high capacity Neodymium magnets imbedded in the device

  • Links to any mobile device through the proprietary BreathTech-S³ mobile application using Bluetooth 4.0

  • Can be linked with any BreathTech-S³ mask

  • Low power consumption ensures 21 day operation time

  • The sensor has been selected as a finalist by the iF Design Award 2021 from over 10,000 submissions 

Mobile app integration

The BreathTech-S³ proprietary mobile application allows the user to monitor breathing data in real time

The mobile application available on Android play-store and Apple iOS will give the user real time information 

  • Wearing time - helps determine the optimal wash frequency

  • Mask fit - tells the user if the mask is being worn properly

  • Breathing rate - tells the user the number of real time breaths per minute

  • CO2 build-up - if the air quality inside the mask is bad, the user will be alerted to take a fresh breath

  • Push notifications - will tell the user if they have forgotton their mask, if the mask is lose and whether its time to wash the mask

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