What does my data mean 


Indicates the cumulative wearing time of the mask. If you change the mask always add the new mask by scanning the QR code on the mask to obtain accurate data. When the mask is not in use, please remember to switch off the sensor by pressing and holding the power button until the red light appears.


Will show as ‘fit’ or ‘loose’. A pop-up notification will be displayed if your mask it loose and you need to tighten the mask or if you forget your mask


Shows the % remaining use of the mask and will decrease with continued usage.  A pop-up notification will be displayed when you need to clean the mask. At this time you may wash and re-scan your mask or scan and use a new mask. At the end of the lifetime of the mask a notification will guide you to responsibly dispose of the mask in a sustainable manner.


Shows the number of breath per minute. High breathing rates could be an indication of a respiratory related illness. This product is not intended for medical purposes.


A high carbon dioxide build up could lead to Hypoxia which is a condition in which the body or a region of the body is deprived of adequate oxygen supply at the tissue level. When the mask air quality is shown as ‘bad’ please remove the mask in a safe environment and take a fresh breath and wear your mask again. This product is not intended for medical purposes.

Important Notes

  • The sensor must be switched on to capture data. To switch on press and hold the power button until the green light is shown

  • The Incorrect placement of the sensor will impact the data displayed

  • The sensor should be removed when washing the mask

  • The product is Bluetooth enabled and requires an active Bluetooth connection to display the data. To enter Bluetooth pairing mode long press the power button until the blue light blinks

  • The data provided  is not for medical purposes. If you have any concern related to your health please contact a healthcare professional.

  • The product is not designed to be used during vigorous physical activity or sport

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